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Due to extremely high volume of messages, I may not reply to your message.

I love to “be there for everyone”, using the following guidelines:

  • One-on-one Coaching.  I still do 1:1 coaching with high-achieving clients.  I also do limited volunteer coaching and mentoring through a couple local organizations who pre-screen those clients.  If you are a high-achiever, please use the contact form so we can setup a strategy and evaluation call.
  • Free Online Self-Assessments and Guides.  In an effort to “be there for everyone,” I’m converting my marketing and business knowledge into self-assessments and guides you can take online to quickly assess where you are and what you should focus on next.
  • Joint Projects.  I’m always working jointly on projects, from marketing tools and automation to books and workshops.  If you are wanting to join an existing project, use the contact method on that page/site, as it will connect you to the correct people and automatically keep you updated on that project.  If you’re wanting to suggest a new joint project – by all means, please use the contact form, let’s connect!
  • Free Content.  Refer to Section 7.2 of Terms of Use regarding the use of my free content.
  • Asking for Advice.  If you have questions for my “Ask Richard” series, please send your question in with the understanding that (a) I get a lot of questions and maybe yours has already been answered, and (b) more than likely I won’t answer you directly, but will reference you in the answer – providing your social media links will help me make sure I @/mention you directly.
  • Bugs/Errors.  Yes, maintaining a website is tedious and technical work.  Sometimes things won’t work right – please let me know if you find something that’s either not working correctly or is unclear.  Thanks!
  • Feedback / Thank-You.  As always, I appreciate your constructive criticism and appreciation.  Please send me your thoughts and keep in mind I won’t be able to answer everyone who writes.