"Let's Maximize Your Personal Brand's Income"

From managing teams responsible for improving $200M in revenue to helping over 4,000 small business and solopreneurs, to career coaching millennials...

I enjoy what I do and I know I can help you.

"Let's Maximize Your Personal Brand's Profitability"

My work is dedicated to expanding your brand by connecting your authentic self, through your products and services, to your ideal customers.

- Richard Pickett

- Richard Pickett

High Performing
Personal Brand Characteristics

Coaches  |  Speakers  |  Thought Leaders  |  Authors  |  Seminar Leaders  |  Online Trainers

  • Freedom Lifestyle. Free yourself from the phone, the inbox, and the schedule.
  • Multiple Products.  Don't leave money on the table.  Leverage multiple products across the full range of your customer needs and financial offerings.
  • Financial Freedom.  Multiple streams of income equal peace of mind - more revenue and security against changes in your market.
  • Scale Automation.  You only interact with your top-paying clients.  Your ideal customers get white-glove treatment as your automated system helps them select their target product.

Community of Experts

I'm always working with like-minded high-end personal brands (coaches, speakers, thought leaders, authors, etc).

If you meet the qualifications below and find one of the projects piques your interest - click the button and let's connect!

  • Abundance vs Scarcity Mindset. You believe there's more than enough to go around and you're not competing with anyone to "get yours."
  • Community of Experts.  You are considered an expert in your field and would enjoy working with similar experts, including those with similar proficiency.
  • Shareable, Demonstrable Success.  You have a proven track record of success and draw from your successes to teach, train, and guide others.
  • Giver.  On the scale of "Giver / Matcher / Taker," you're a solid "Giver".  
  • Synergistic. You believe by making your personal investment in the group's success, you'll get greater rewards than by working by yourself.

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