All Things Richard Pickett

Welcome home to you.

And yes, I mean YOU.

LOVE and ENJOY my life. And I love working with others to help them achieve the same success and enjoyment as I have.

I’m an over-the-top tech-head with a heart for people. My bosses have called me “easter egg” and “unicorn” because I’m so strong in technology, yet I love working with people. You just don’t find that mix. I thrive on working on the most difficult and demanding problems, both in companies and in personal life.

And because of that, I’m in high demand.

How did I end up like this?

Well, I certainly didn’t start out this way. I grew up poor and I remember having to beg for over a year before I got my first computer (Commodore 64). After that, it was all over. I taught myself how to program, and I’ve never stopped. There are very few things in technology that I haven’t learned or at least played with.

I used to tell people “if it has a keyboard, yeah, I can do that.”

And then it happened.

Along the way I was super introspective. I was always looking inside myself to see what made me tick. If there’s a self-help, “how to love,” or religious/philosophical system on the self, I’ve probably studied it. Everything from Agape to Zen.

And then I hit some of life’s toughest problems. And went through the most intense pain I’d ever endured (at the tender age of 42). It was worse than mid-life crisis (which I got out of the way at 38).

In the midst of all that pain, suddenly I could see more clear than ever. Everything simply made sense.

I saw through all the false ideas and trappings of my own mind and emotions and saw everything exactly as it is.

I became awakened.

Ever since then, it’s all been different.

My personality really morphed. I began to enjoy life in a way I’d never experienced before. I became free. Not free of other things or people or situations, I became free of “me” – the only prison we actually can ever be in.

So suddenly this super-introverted tech-guy began to love people.

And the rest was inevitable. Here’s a principle I learned along the way:

Whatever you have inside you that can help others will find it’s way out to work through you.

So here I am. How can I help?

Here are my main areas of focus, contact me if you think I may be a good fit to help you in one (or more) of them:


I’m a leader of projects that span 15+ different departments and ~100 people, with revenues over $300M. Most of these departments have a history of not getting along, and projects that are inter-department dependent typically have problems.

And I’m changing it by influencing change and giving people the experience of success, which naturally changes their beliefs and behaviors.

I’ll have to say, I love my job. I’m one of those weirdoes that isn’t a workaholic, but I love my job so much I look forward to Mondays. No joke.

But if you think you may have something better than what I’m already loving, drop me a line, let’s talk.

Personal/Professional Development

My awakening has completely changed every aspect of my life, starting with the inside. When the personal changes, the professional will automatically change.

Are you ready to take your life to the next level? Would you like to examine the things that are holding you back so you can eliminate them and free yourself for more success?

Contact me.


My background also includes launching products and services that have successively made six-figures.

I’ve done everything from design to develop to market. I’m steeped in Lean, and I take lean practice and principles to just about everything I do in business.

If you’d like to see how you can improve and accelerate your business, definitely send me a note.

Email Marketing

This is one of the few product/services I kept.

I have a small, private group of close associates that have me manage their email delivery.

Why? Because, in their words, “your system delivers email to the inbox every time while other commercial systems are hit-and-miss.”

In my own business I had to solve the email problem, so I dug deep and figured out why the big-box emailers just couldn’t deliver consistently to the inbox.

If you’d like to see if we can improve your email delivery, contact me so we can talk.