I've started this new project to develop a couple marketing videos for 20now. Here is the first one.

One thing about projects like this, they really need to be developed in iterations. What I mean by that is we need to produce the first video, then evaluate it, get feedback, and then change it and re-evaluate it. So below I'm putting the different versions of this particular video so you can see what we change to get to the final.

The top video will always be the most recent version, the bottom one is the first video we started with.

I think we'll have one more release to get to the final - what do you think of the top video? What would you change? What would you take out / add?

One thing I still need done to the second video is to have the call to action stay as the last part of the video, so when it ends it's still saying to get started by filling in the form below. What else would you change? Let me know!

P.S. Want a video like this for your own project? "COOL" - let me know, I can hook you up!

Second Draft:

First Draft:

Comment below to join in on the conversation - let me know what you think, where you need help, or what ideas you have!