All-New For the New Year

BeautifulOK, I’ve finally manged to “break free” long enough to get back to my own personal website. You know the old adage – the cobbler’s kids have the worst shoes, right? Well, I’ve been so busy on “everything else” that I’ve basically let my own website sit for way too long!

In the mean time I keep getting more and more questions from folks wanting to know how I do different things, what I’m up to, etc.

So – I’m going to start letting you guys watch over my shoulder and do it all through my own website. I’ve got a couple BIG projects that are going to be released in the first months of 2014 and I’d love for you guys to watch right over my shoulder as I work.

Want To Watch Over My Shoulder While Work?

Just add your name and email address below, and then keep an eye on your inbox – I’ll send you emails as I release videos and show you guys what I’m up to.

Act quick! I’m going to be releasing my first “what’s up” video before the new year. I’ll be telling you more about my projects and answering your questions!

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