Richard Pickett

  • Technology Business Leader
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
  • Agile Scrum Master

Richard Pickett

  • Technology Business Leader
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
  • Agile Scrum

Richard Pickett

Technology Business Leader

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Agile Scrum Master


At A Glance

  • Currently filling a cross-organizational role as Technical Product Manger ($200M annual revenue)
  • Consulting startups, small businesses, and non-profits
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certified
  • Agile Project Management

Basic information

Personal Details


location: Brentwood, TN


phone: 832 303 9154

I love helping business owners, leaders, and high-achieving teams increase their impact and productivity by finding their passions and eliminating the things that derail them from their success.

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Professional Profile

Results-oriented process leader and engineering principle, leading improvement across business units and multiple disciplines with an emphasis on increasing quality and efficiency.  Leveraging business process analysis and exceptional soft skills to build company-wide support for continual improvement.

  • Holistic business approach establishing best-practice processes from software development and engineering, to supply chain deployment and post-deployment support
  • Active local involvement by volunteering and consulting in the startup, small business, and non-profit community within Nashville
  • Focus business attention on internal and external customer impacts due to process decisions by establishing lean-startup, MVP-style iterative improvements
  • Analyze and recommend use of emerging technologies, like cloud v. hyperconverged v. on-prem v. mixed mode, based on adoption rate, technology volatility, and ROI
  • Manage project priorities in matrixed work environments of changing and often conflicting priorities
  • Improve security stance and ensure compliance with Federal and State security requirements (FIPS and NIST SP 800-x)
  • Build company-wide support by effectively translating between technical (software and engineering) and business layers (PMO, State Agencies, LoB owners)
  • Foster collaboration using relationship building and cross departmental communication improvement
  • Mentor staff both in- and outside organization in process improvement, lean methodologies, and career development
  • Credited for exceptional soft skills combined with deep technical background

Business & Technology Leadership

Idemia / Morp​hoTrust / L1ID

November 2010 to Present

Global company focused on identity management (purchased twice since I started, now Idemia)

Technical Product Manager

January 2018 to Present

Managed the platform enabling $200M in annual revenue. Major responsibilities include accelerating client onboarding, hybridizing two competing systems, and migrating to AWS

  • Reduced client onboarding from 6 months to 3 months by focusing teams with competing solutions on developing a hybrid solution using the best of each system
  • Reduced operational defect rate of 0.42% to 0.19% within 3 months, freeing two FTE application developers to focus on longer-term improvements
  • Supported the migration of a legacy product implementation with no negative customer impact
  • Managed transition of on-premises application stack to AWS with no outage or reduction in service

Technical Program Manager

June 2015 to January 2018

Responsible for technical modernization and process improvement across State programs

  • Managing $2M initiative to remediate security risks, standardize operations, and correct long-standing quality issues
  • Improving the operations of $200M+ in annual revenue
  • Achieving strategic organizational goals leading 15+ departments in a matrixed organization, 100+ staff, in the midst of a company sale and constantly shifting operational priorities from one quarter to the next
  • Managing 800+ deployed workstation replacement across 30 different State programs and several hundred State agencies
  • Decreasing security exposure of nation-wide, distributed networks (40% reduction to-date)
  • Eliminating wasteful process, sources of error, and breakdowns in process by standardizing day-to-day operations and bringing the level of quality to record highs
  • Achieving all project timelines and within budget for three years running
  • Mentoring and empowering team and non-team members in lean, process improvement, and career development

Systems Team Lead

September 2014 to June 2015

Responsible for workflow improvement and day-to-day management of a 15-man team managing hundreds of virtual and physical systems across multiple technology stacks

  • Implemented Lean pull to the work queue
  • Built group consensus for establishing new workflow procedures
  • Lead ROI and adoption evaluation of emerging hyperconvergence and cloud solutions compared to our on-prem operations
  • Managed the daily workflow of a 15-member team
  • Changed the culture from last-minute notification to proper discovery and planning cycles before work was to be performed
  • Transitioned siloed team members to a full-stack model

Lead Sr. Systems Engineer

November 2010 to September 2014

Responsible for the architecture of multiple linux-based application stacks within a virtual environment, complex security requirements, and process migration between them

Implemented Lean Six Sigma Business Processes To:

  • Eliminated system and processing errors, recouping $2.2M in lost revenue and saving the company $1M each year thereafter
  • Mar '18, VP of Membership, PMI NashvilleReduced fingerprint error rate to contract-specified level
  • Optimized work flow of development tasks
  • Eliminated errors and speed up deployments by optimizing deployment processes

Systems Engineering Subject Matter Expert

  • SME for production systems servicing 30+ State and local government contracts
  • Maintained 70+ Red Hat and Ubuntu clustered nodes across 7 different environments
  • Lead for LAMP stack datacenter facility move
  • Mentored junior linux admins and php developers
  • Implemented monitoring for server trend analysis and service alerts
  • Migrated a 6-server cluster based on RHC, GFS, and DRBD to keepalived, OCFS2, and mysql multi-master bringing the system to over 99.99% uptime

PMI Nashville

January 2018 to Present

PMI Nashville serves the PMPs within the Greater Nashville Area

VP of Membership

March 2018 to Present

Responsible for addressing the needs of the membership, including recruitment, retention, and associated value delivery

  • Improve membership engagement using measurable goals and adjusting as analysis indicates
  • Increase recruitment by improving community outreach by engaging with other organizations and non-profits similarly aligned and not in conflict
  • Improve membership engagement by one-on-one feedback, group interactions, and membership surveys
  • Conduct membership activities that both promote PMP practices and facilitate networking among the membership and professional community

Director of Mentorship

January 2018 to March 2018

Responsible for addressing the professional development needs of the membership through a mentorship program

  • Determine the scope of professional development needs of the membership through one-on-one feedback and membership surveys
  • Increase the experience provided by mentorship to meet the needs of the membership 
  • caret-right
    Oversee the establishment of a military transition program to assist military members leaving the service enter a PMP-based role in the professional sector
  • Oversee the establishment corporate-embedded PMP-based mentorship programs
  • Oversee the establishment of college-sponsored PMP-based mentorship programs


April 2018 to November 2018

Bringing online to the offline for the Nashville Professional and Business community


Responsible for establishing the initial culture, practices, structure, and board

  • Establish a culture of customer-focus, servitude, openness, and cooperation
  • Establish the initial board structure and operational procedures as well as MO
  • Interview board candidates, evaluate and recommend based on past experience, strategic value, and leadership suitability
  • Engage with the professional and business community through face-to-face meetings, social media platforms, and surveys to understand the current market needs and determine how to meet those needs in a mix of online and offline opportunities
  • Perform competitive analysis by examining existing organizations, analyzing how they are currently meeting the community needs, and comparing against the surveys and information collected from the community at large, looking for strategic differences and opportunities to satisfy unmet needs
  • Plan and execute the initial strategy meetings and membership meetups while the board is being organized, filling in all gaps as necessary

Entrepreneur Center

March 2018 to Present

Enabling local entrepreneurs to create, launch, and grow their businesses

Advisory Board

Responsible for helping entrepreneurs through all phases of startup, from planning to VC and beyond

  • Advise and mentor entrepreneurs in all aspects of starting a business, including ideation, product development, customer engagement, and marketing.
  • Evaluate and provide critical review of new business ideas, advising on next steps and providing additional things to consider concerning their business plan, product, customer engagement, and partner strategies
  • caret-right
    Encourage latest business startup practices by providing Lean Startup presentations and training


September 2017 to Present

Non Profit funded by Congress to provide mentoring to local businesses in conjunction with the SBA

Executive Business Coach / Mentor

Responsible for mentoring local businesses in planning, startup, and growth strategies

  • Mentored and assisted 101 local businesses prepare and pitch to HSN with a 26% success rate
  • Mentoring business owners in all aspects of business management
  • caret-right
    Applying Lean principles to a wide variety of business types and conditions
  • caret-right
    Specialized focus on product refinement, customer segmentation and engagement, and growth hack marketing

IO Studio

September 2008 to November 2010

Nashville company servicing National Guard website presence and local business marketing

PHP Developer / Linux Administrator

Responsible for everything from web application development to application server management

  • Migrated to and Maintained RHEL LAMP stack in .mil environment virtualized on IBM blade server and Linux KVM
  • Ensured 99.99% uptime with no unscheduled downtime on a Debian-based LAMP cluster
  • Managed SAN-failover within .mil production and COOP environments
  • Remediated systems and code to keep in compliance with DoD STIGs
  • Facilitated and administered two separate complex code and database separations that resulted in the detachment of several different applications that used many overlapping sections of code and database tables – 630,000+ lines of code and 400+ database tables spread over 3 databases
  • Implemented early mobile detection using WURFL and customized pages sent to mobile browsers

Independent Contracting

February 2007 to September 2008

Took several short-term contracts and while increasing my skillset to include a more open-source focus, namely LAMP stack skills

Contracts Included:

  • PHP-based online payment and accounting system
  • PHP-based Federated ID user account management system
  • PHP-based credit card processing and management system
  • C/C++ Linux firewall and security tools

Nortel Networks

July 1998 to February 2007

Multinational company providing telecommunications and data networking equipment

Information Systems Security Consultant

November 2000 to February 2007

Responsible for designing and coding tools to integrate disparate systems with NorPASS - Nortel’s Federated ID

  • Designed and coded multithreaded plugins in C/C++ for Apache Linux
  • Integrated hundreds of ad hoc departmental servers into NorPASS
  • Designed and coded multithreaded Windows LSA filters in C/C++ to enforce NorPASS custom password complexity and facilitate password synchronization across disparate NorPASS systems
  • Maintained security infrastructure managing 100k+ user accounts within Windows Active Directory
  • Utilized Windows IO Completion Port (IOCP) to manage and scale worker threads and manage incoming requests across several architectures

Windows NT/2000 Server System Engineer

July 1998 to November 2000

Responsible for developing Windows-based client/server tools for Nortel Switch documentation

  • Researched and documented, using UML, an existing document server written for UNIX
  • Designed and implemented a Windows NT-based multi-threaded server to replace the existing UNIX server
  • Designed the Windows NT Helmsman server to run as a NT Service and use the SCM to communicate with the user for setup/configuration via a MFC GUI
  • Implemented the Verity search engine to perform search queries and list documents meeting the search criterion
  • Implemented NT Performance Monitor (PerfMon) information updates to allow remote monitoring

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