Interview Instructions

Your Live Interview on Digital Brand Alchemy

Let's Go Live!

We love having guests on the show!

Let's talk about your brand, your business, you name it.

Here's what to do:

  1. Use your coupon to book your time below (the coupon just stops random people from coming and messing with our calendar).
  2. You'll go to a page that has a couple questions we ask every guest to help them connect with the audience - so you prep your answers before the show.
  3. You'll get a follow up email from us confirming your time and you're all set!

A Couple Things To Note

1.  If you haven't been given a coupon code, contact us to get one.

2.  Enter your coupon before clicking "Book and pay".

3. There is a weird problem with iPhones, where it's zoomed in so much you can't see the "coupon" field.  Please use a smart(er) phone, or computer if this happens to you.

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Request A Time

Please view the date/time you pick as a request.  It's not set until we've sent a confirmation.

If there's a reason the time you select isn't actually available, we'll work with you personally to schedule a time that fits both our schedules.

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